How many of us could say “I will survive” if the world was to start coming even more destructive than it already is. I know I could, what about you? I’ve been without food, cable, transportation. I’ve been years without new clothes, shoes. I don’t go get my hair and nails done; I’m just how God made me. For almost a year now my family well has been dry. (No running water) some of you would just die. We borrow water from people we know or buy it when can. Filling up jugs and buckets and can’t forget the big containers outside catching rain water so we can flush the toilet. This is real life we are living no movie script here. Some people just lose it when they can’t have the latest and greatest items. They wouldn’t have no clue what to do if they work up and there was nothing. I’m grateful for everything I have (which may not be much to most) but I know it can all be taken away from me any day. If that day comes before my end I hope I can just be around and be able to deal with my kin. My family & friends the ones that will be able to survive will be all you have. No fancy cars, no big houses/ mansions, no Playstation, Xbox or Wii. No TV to watch no internet just you and me. Sometimes I would rather do without all that extra stuff but some think that’s what this life is about. Can you sit in a room all day with your family without leaving/ walking away, without watching TV or playing games? Can you all just talk to one another face to face? No yelling just enjoys each others company/ presence. Could you survive if the world came to end one day?