Motivation; have the motivation to stand up for yourself to make a purpose in your life, aim high to reach the skies and keep your dreams going and alive. Don’t give up cause we all fall down sometimes, but get back up and keep on. Set goals for you never think less of yourself. You can do anything if you motivate yourself. Those people that just want to take the wind from your sail just kick them to the side and continue to prevail. Keep all your senses in motion; forget all the smoking and toasting. Start learning and keep concentrating. Don’t Forget the Motivation. It’s never too late to do what you always wanted to do. Dreams do and can come true with thought and planning anything is possible. Sometimes our dream is our reality and we can’t tell because you don’t think it’s that easy. Don’t depend on other people eyes to see, don’t use there feelings to feel. Do things for you; follow your own path.

Forgive the person you once were and love the person you are now. Let the better person you will become inspire you to keep going and keep growing. Stop lying to yourself; force the truth to your ears. Listen to the person in the mirror staring back at you. Walk tall and you don’t have to know it all to believe.

Success; Don’t think you have to be a big time lawyer, doctor or a celebrity to be successful. A matter of fact any day you can be a celebrity because just like them, you could one day get your break. People choose to be a lawyer or doctor; you can be whatever you want. If there is something that you love and enjoy doing to the point you can’t stop thinking of it, you dream about it, then that just may be your passion. That passion can turn into reality to you becoming successful. Success is not how much money you make but how you feel in your heart when you accomplish something every day. You have to try really hard to let go and stay away from the negativity around you. Know that you have not failed at anything you may have just come across things that don’t work for you. May have went over a lot of speed bumps in your life, but that’s just to slow you down. Keep trying and closer to your dream coming true; is where you will end up.