Monday, March 1, 2010


Parents are you complaining? Wishing your life were different, wishing it would change. Well you have to make it change and as soon as God sees you trying, he will soon step in to help.

Your child/children should be your motivation every day you wake up, you should make a change for him/her/them. Your child/children are your blessings and along the way they will help you.
If you have a partner then you need to not only focus on what he/she is not doing butt what you're not doing as well. Maybe if you take those first steps then that giant leap they will see you trying seeing that change is something very important to you. They may just start to change themselves. If you want change you have to first start with yourself.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


He, she they sometimes we forget
Often missing not seeing the big picture
Don’t want to over see what may happen in the future if we keep going like this and never addressing all this shit
They just sweep it all under the road but we still see the dirt and feel it as we step over it
So much it’s like climbing a mountain and we can’t seem to get over it
We want to for see a bright future for our soon to be and the almost ready to be…
But we don’t even sometimes believe that to be a future and if it is we definitely don’t know it’s bright
All I know is to pray for the ones doing right and keep praying that the other ones will start doing it right and we have to just keep up the fight


Thursday, February 18, 2010


Does it seem that romance is missing? Well bring the love back. If you are married make this day count, by surprising your loved one.Idea # 1: How about taking the time to think out a good plan even write a list of the things you know that your spouse/partner loves to do or their favorite food or meal. Then put something fun and romantic together, like wake up before they do and write a note maybe reading this: Today is the start of love and by the end; you will know why you are with me. They wake up and when they go into the bathroom have another note placed on the bathroom mirror. Keep placing notes in random places but places you know they will see it. End with them ending up at a hotel or back at home to a romantic surprise. This would be an idea that will need a lot of thought put into it but it could be fun if executed right. Idea # 2: See if the two of you can both get the day off from work. If it’s possible for both of you to be free that day, then plan to go to church in the morning if that’s something you do and if you do go to church and haven’t went in a long time then that would be a great way to start your valentine’s day. If that’s not something you do then just have a nice relaxing day at home. Try doing things that you did together when you had the time; sit and hold one another in each others arms and remind them why you love them.Idea # 3: If you are busy that day just get some flowers delivered to your loved one and try to be different; don’t just send roses. Do their favorite flower or a mix of roses with flowers. If you can’t make this happen, try doing something in advance. Make sure to use more thought than money. It’s not how much you spend it’s the thought you put into the gift, and someone who loves you dearly will love what you have to give. DON'T WAIT UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY TO SHOW YOUR LOVE. TRY TO SHOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE ALL YEAR TO LET THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE KNOW THEY MAKE YOUR LIFE COMPLETE. SAY WHAY YOU HAVE TO SAY AND SHOW THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
Do you want to do something different this year for the one you love? Well how about giving a card but not just any card don’t just go out and buy one of those cards that already have words written in it, that you have to stand there for minutes even hours trying to find the perfect one that says what you are trying to express. Try buying a blank card maybe even just a plain piece of paper and write what’s in your heart, write what you feel about the person you love. No matter what you write it on the words will be the most important thing about this gift. If you are having trouble and don’t know how to get started, here’s some samples of how you could start off. These may help you think and find the words in your heart to express the love you have for your spouse/friend.
♥ I knew you were my true love when you looked into my eyes; how you always make me smile with just one look from you that’s when I knew you were my true love.
♥We were always friends in my heart you was always my lover; but most importantly I’m glad you are my friend.
♥You are a dream come true so wonderful and exquisite you are; you don’t have to try you were born a star. Like a star in the sky you shine and brighten up my heart and mind; without you I would have never knew dreams could come true.
♥Your love holds (me) your smile makes (me) glow. Your love filled my soul with warmth and hope.
♥ When walking alone, I’m not really alone because you’re holding on to (my) mind; when walking alone I’m not really alone because you’re holding on to (my) heart.


Making sure you eat something for breakfast is very important you don't have to cook a full meal but eat a bowl of oatmeal or bowl of ceral at least. If you're on the go and don't have much time try having 2 slices of bread (whole wheat is much better 4 you) make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day (Try the favored waters if you don't enjoy drinking plain water) its good for you and it will make you feel full during the day and help you want to eat less. Drink water while eating you will get full quicker and make sure you are moving around throughout the day very important to stay active. Office Workers: make sure to get up out of your that chair from time to time and if its nothing but walking back and forth at least you're up moving. Home Makers: if you have no kids and are a housewife then get off your butt and clean the house you chores around the house gives you a good workout if done right. and walk around the house if you don't want to go outside. Do think about taking a nice walk though its very nice to get outside at times and once to start walking it will get easier and easier for you. Everyone Else: if you job keeps you on the go then just remember to stay away from bad eating habits if you have to do fast food make sure you change it up and try to eat a salad once in awhile and their no excuses now a lot of fast food places have a small salad for a dollar or so. Key Notes: Baked is better 4 you than Fried, Try to eat friut and veggies with every meal of some sort. Try the favored waters if you don't enjoy drinking plain water.


Many of our beloved Christians may disagree with me, but I say = live with her/him before you say “I do”. Many of our elderly folks may say the same because they been there & done that but some may say no because if they did it then it must be the right way. If it works for you then go ahead, but I say people act different after awhile of living together. While just dating you may see some what of them if you sleep over from time to time or if the person is very straight forward and wants you to really see the type of person he/she is, it works. Don't rush into it unless you are for sure that you can deal with any and everything that could be ahead; with good patience and communication= comes a good relationship.


Been dating for a long time (years even) and still have “cold feet” about taking it any further to the next step like moving in or marriage if this is the case then put your relationship to the test. Start dating other people (take note I said date not sex other people) see what happens, see how you feel not being with or talking with your used to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes you have to know when to let go and if it’s meant to be it will be; now I know that sounds so much like a cliché but its true if you feel that things happen for reasons that you can’t explain then anything’s possible. (But you can sometimes make things happen by putting yourself in certain situations). Be careful of that You will feel sad if you are truly in love but that’s ok you may even miss him/her but it’s a good sign as long as or partner is somewhere feeling the same way. You may feel free because you can roam but things like that is why you must take the time and see not assume that the other person is feeling exactly the same way as you are. If both of you aren’t sure about marriage right now then something needs to be done, it wont hurt if you walk away if you two can’t walk any further without each other then you know maybe it’s meant for you two to be.